We are a New York film dance studio for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students, actresses, and actors. Our curriculum is tailored to specific students needs to help prepare for a film dance shoot, or other occasion where you need to excel in dancing!

    Don't let the skills ruin a scene! - come to us and learn quickly with the best how to dance! Cut the competition by learning an extra skill, improve your personal portfolio, or, if you are shy, learn how to be comfortable by getting these nerves of steel...Only with us - call or email to start your first introductory lesson.

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  • Getting Started

    We have prepared the Curriculum which will help you to learn and polish dancing the following styles:

    • Ballroom
    • Social
    • Latin

    A wide spectrum of dances and different styles of dancing is offered for solo/pair/group students.

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  • What They're Saying

    Our students are finding the curriculum/results very helpful in:

    • Passing Auditions/Interviews / Playing Roles in Movies/TV Shows
    • Getting Into Top-Notch Schools
    • Getting Into White House...

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FILM DANCE ACADEMY is a team of teachers and coaches empowered by our Teaching Methodology that will help you in becoming a better dancer, and a better performer on a dance floor, and in everyday's life, -  the ideal setup for couples, singles and groups

Our highly qualified Team will guide you through  the dance process and attract success by showcasing resulting work

Our Methodology

It does not get easier, you just get stronger

The Dances

We can help you in becoming a better dancer

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