Curriculum / Classes

We are offering classes in the following categories:

  • Private Lessons
  • Group Classes
  • Semi-Private Lessons

We teach raising stars in all of us and for different occasions, including Movie scenes, TV Shows, public performance events, and many other that involve dancing. In over a decade of teaching experience, we found students to be the most interested in Waltz, Tango, Salsa, Cha-Cha, and in other dances.

Our custom curriculum, tailored to your specific needs, helps in reaching goals, and it puts you ahead of competition on auditions, performance events, and even on a resume!

After completing the required coursework, you will be able to advance your dance skills to a level not seen before because we:

  • Have famous and talented instructors that advance your dancing skills
  • Teach New Yorkers / LA / Hollywood for more than a decade
  • Teachers that are also mentors to many current competitors of the world

If you want to feel and dance like a star at an audition, in a Movie/Show/Other, sign-in for the courses:

  • 3-Week Course
  • 5-Week Course
  • 2-Month Course
  • 6-Month Course
  • A Year-Long Course

Testimonials From TV Reporters, Movies Start Who Had Taken The Classes