Teaching Methodology

Updated on: 2017-08-20


Overview & Purpose

Learn how to navigate on a dance floor with five basic moves - not too complicated.

Educational Standards - First Three Lessons

  1. Start with three figures
  2. Practice to build muscle memory while adding the timing
  3. Music and movement


  1. Building up variation from 3-5 figures
  2. Expressing moves with the help of music, exercising
  3. Developing coordination through exercises and practice

Materials Needed

  1. Shoes
  2. Partner / No Partner Is OK as one would be provided


Steps to check for student understanding:

  1. Naming three dances that you are learning
  2. Music quiz
  3. Planning next event where to dance


Describe activity that will require the lessons

Imagine yourself on the dance floor. It is always a pressure when you are at a dance floor and everyone is watching you.