What They're Saying

Movie Role

"As an immigrant from a middle of nowhere..., - a country which not that many can spell right, and even less show on a map, I didn't even dream of filming in one of my favorite movies' sequel directed by Oliver Stone, and making a scene with Shia LaBeouf and Michael Douglas! Only in NYC, only at FDA [Film Dance Academy]!"

Filming with Shia LaBeouf and Michael Douglas

School Admission

"'We look forward with pleasure to your studying at Columbia,' - this was the most unbelievable sentence I ever read [20+] in my life ... thank you Film Dance Academy! When you compete with many other out there applying, you might be actually a box step away from getting in or not... who to tell!"

Columbia University Admission Letter / Email

We are glad that the magical world of dancing @ our academy can help in achieving different goals that our students have. It is indeed a known fact that some good schools have a special merit criteria that steers far away from your area of expertise. Here's what Columbia University is saying:

"Admission to both ... is broad-based but highly selective, and the Committee is able to offer admission to only a small fraction of all applicants..."

"We use a holistic review process when evaluating applicants for admission. That means admission to Columbia is not based on a simple formula of grades and test scores. Instead, we consider a variety of factors: the student’s academic record, extracurricular interests..."

White House / Seeing Mr. President

"Who said that DC / White House is all about politics, politics, and more politics? Sometimes, it is dance, dancing, and the Black Gala Tie Ball event! I got a front-row ticket to see things in DC, - can you do that without being S.P.E.C.I.A.L.? Thank you Film Dance for building up all these BIG letters in little me!!!"

DC - White House Invitation