The Bad

The Bad: The School or The Teacher, or Both

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  • We teach all type of dances, including special Movie/TV Show/Performance dances
  • Our studio is offering custom classes in order to accommodate specific needs that vary from parties to dance show performances and movie dance scenes

See some bad examples of dance scenes that could have been improved with only few more classes with the right teacher!

13 Going on 30 (2004)

Check out the dance

Overall, the dance scene seems like entertaining, however, it shows not the best dancing in terms of a style. A credit could be given to her for only the courage...

Kickboxer (1989)

Van Damme Outdancing The Girls

Van Damme is doing great, and maybe too great as he outdances the ladies that can't catch up with him. Overall, the scene looks bad as it is not balanced: the girls are spastically moving not in sync with anythihng. It looks like the girls are quite amazed by Van Damme's dance performance and his ability to move the hips which is actually true because of his flexibility.